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  • Buyer Services

    MOLBASE is the top chemical search Engine equipped with the most comprehensive database in China where there are nine million available commercial chemicals from all sorts of categories on the platform, such as basic chemicals, fine chemicals, and research chemicals, making MOLBASE a perfect choice for chemicals purchasing. With more than 40,000 chemical suppliers and nine million available chemicals on the platform, the professional procurement team at MOLBASE offers a one stop shopping service (from find/check suppliers, to product sample support & quality assurance, price negotiation, payment, and product delivery) to overseas customers in order to help them purchase chemicals in China at a highly-efficient and cost-saving manner. 

    · Free Services

    MOLBASE offers a variety of services to help you get an easy and smooth flow of chemical business process. 

    (1) Encyclopedia Knowledge Engine -- Accurately query synthetic routes and efficiently evaluate R & D costs

    (2) Product Authenticity -- MOLBASE ensures that all chemicals purchased meet the highest QC (third party quality inspections such as SGS) standards and arrive with all relevant documentation attached for customer convenience;

    (3) Dynamic Chemical Pricing Information -- simultaneous and systematic search for resources, cost-effective procurement options;

    (4) Supplier Intelligent Matching -- Precision supplier matching system to spread your requests to the right and suppliers.

    · Value-added Services

    MOLBASE’s mission is to become the largest integrated platform serving the global chemical industry. We value our customers business and make our best effort to satisfy customer’s needs. There are many value-added services that have been developing and provided to our customers, including but not limited to,

    (1) Professional offline event promotion -- Directly face to face buyers in segmented industries, meeting arrangements, etc,.

    (2) Multiple varieties and small batch purchases support -- Dispatch your Requests For Quotation, offer  one-stop shopping experience to fast, time-saving your buying process

    (3) Sample support -- MOLBASE can provide samples upon your requests to detect the accuracy of products. Buyers also can check the product consistency to avoid further risks;

    (4) Factory Inspection -- Molbase can provide inspection report of suppliers' factories. The report may include status of factories, production lines, filling lines, warehouse, etc. Moreover, photos and video materials can be provided upon the request. To maintain products undergo strict internal QC to ensure satisfaction;

    (5) Various financial products -- Account period service, Mobe advance payment, increase liquidity;

    (6) Professional warehousing and logistics services -- Safe and fast, solve storage and distribution troubles;

    (7)Import Service -- MOLBASE provides tax rebate & customs processing, foreign currency transactions for global buyers;

    (8)Legal affairs -- A complete transaction ensured system to protect you avoiding the loss caused by quality problems;

    For a detailed discussion of the services, please feel free to contact: international@molbase.com

    · Procurement request

    Given the huge number of chemicals on the platform, it’s easy for customers to find what they want from the platform by themselves. However, cases when the customers may have difficulties finding what they want and/or need a pricing quotation urgently for chemicals should also be taken into consideration. Therefore, customers can fill out the procurement request form and submit it to the platform to address the mentioned problems, and then the submitted request will be displayed on the platform accordingly. The requests will usually be answered within a short period of time. Start a procurement request now>>>


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